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Antarctica Tour

    Antarctica Tour Photo Workshop


    ANTARCTICA TOUR & PHOTO WORKSHOP When you hear the word Antarctica, the first image that comes to mind is huge sheets of ice. However, the endless whiteness spread across the land surrounded by the blue ocean is a sight to…

    from $6,600
    Patagonia Photo Tour – Torres Del Paine

      Patagonia Photo Tour – Torres Del Paine


      Patagonia Photo Tour – Torres Del Paine Patagonia is located right at the southernmost tip of the Americas. It has a lot of the world's most picturesque views. It is vast and empty, peaceful and quiet. The place is a…

      from $6,800

        Salar De Uyuni Photo Tour – Bolivia


        SALAR DE UYUNI PHOTO TOUR - BOLIVIA Bolivia is a beautiful and dynamic country with natural diversity on many levels. The geographic diverse landscape creates dramatic and sensational photo opportunities. Uyuni is distinguish by its exceptional flatness. Elevation varies by…

        from $5,200

          Fujian Xiapu Photo Tour – China


          FUJIAN XIAPU PHOTO TOUR - CHINA Xiapu Known as the most charming fishing village of China, Xiapu is at the northeast part of China’s Fujian province. Xiapu is an enchanting estuarine getaway, offering mudflat sceneries and traditional rural life. Like…

          from $2,000

            Autumn Dolomite Photo Tour – Italy

            October, November

            AUTUMN DOLOMITES PHOTO TOUR - ITALY DOLOMITE MOUNTAIN RANGE The Dolomite are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. Dolomiti Mountains where you can experience the magic of nature and its majestic mountain peaks in a pleasant and informal atmosphere.…

            from $4,900

              Maramures Photo Tour – Romania


              MARAMURES PHOTO TOUR - ROMANIA Romania, a country which is rich in culture, landscapes and almost untouched nature. It is in Eastern Europe, a simply breathtaking piece of land unknown to many in this world. In addition, it hosts all…

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