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3 Tours Perfect For Those Who Just Want To Take It Easy

Here at Unusual Expedition, our tours can be a little… hardcore. From the icy seas of Antarctica to the plains of Africa teeming with wildlife, we love traveling to the ends of the world to experience life that is completely unlike that lived in our concrete jungle, but we also get that not everyone who travels craves adventure. Which is why if you’ve ever thought that some of our tours might be a little too much, we’ve curated a list of 3 that are perfect for those in search of something different, but chill. No lions or tigers included.

santorini photo diary photo tour

Santorini, 15 June 2019 – 22 June 2019 

This seaside town needs no introduction – it is without doubt that you’ve seen its picturesque whitewashed buildings, meandering cobblestone paths and iconic blue accents against the marvellous backdrop that is the sparkling Aegean Sea splashed across social media. Known also for its spellbinding sunsets, fabulously affordable local wines and beautiful black pebble beaches, this Grecian island is the ultimate summer-fringe destination for those looking for some R&R and wonderful scenes to capture. This tour will also take your to Athens for some Ancient Greek sights and impressive marble architecture and Mykonos for some of Europe’s most sough after nightlife.

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Xinjiang, 28 September 2019 – 8 October 2019

Thanks to its unique geographical position and special climate, Xinjiang’s famed Kanas Nature Reserve is known to many as one of the most beautiful places in the world. It shares a border with Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, and its ecosystem is formed by lakes, rivers, glaciers, forests and grasslands and is even home to some nomadic families. This tour is not only one of the most scenic we have on our list, it also affords you the chance to meet and dine with local families, the perfect package of landscape and portraiture photography opportunities.

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Chiang Mai, 10 November 2019 – 15 November 2019

Located in mountainous northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a wonderful reprieve from the heat of Singapore, its misty hills also home to some of the city’s most beautiful temples and ancient sites. Not only will you have the chance to photograph some of Thailand’s best landscapes, you’ll also have the opportunity to witness and participate in the famed Yi Peng Festival, where thousands of paper lanterns illuminate the night sky for a surreal sight.

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