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3 Tours That Will Make You Reimagine The World

Social media has opened up the world to those of those who are unable to travel as frequently as we like. We can, from the comforts of home, travel the barren deserts of Mongolia, discover the prettiest gelato cones in Italy and navigate the souks of Morocco. But there are some places that social media –or at least, the people you follow on social media– doesn’t go. There are some places in the world with such surreal landscapes that even the best cameras are unable to do justice, much less a low-res photo uploaded on Facebook. These are the places that you need to travel to in person; these are the places that will challenge what you understand of natural beauty, and these are the tours that will take you there.

Patagonia, Torres Del Paine 

Tucked at the southernmost tip of the Americas, Patagonia is vast, empty, wind-swept, barren, and breathtakingly beautiful. The country’s landscapes are so wild and raw, that even with our extensive travel experience, makes it to the top of our list of unforgettable scenery. Think vistas of rolling pastures, snow-capped mountains, glaciers and lakes fringed by forests, all untouched by man. It takes some effort to get there, but we promise you, it will be all worth.

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Bolivia, Uyuni Titicaca 

Beautiful, geographically diverse Bolivia is home to the famous Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat spanning nearly 12,106 square kilometers. When it is dry, the ground is a pure white expanse that stretch to meet the blue horizon, making for a scene that one could only imagine. When there is a little water, the surface reflects the clouds above, making it feel as though you are walking amongst them, enveloping you in a surreal serenity that you would not have imagined possible.

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Antarctica, South Pole

For a place that is covered in so much ice and snow, you would expect a certain monotony in its landscape, though that could not be further from the truth. Imagine massive ice bergs dotting the large expanse of sea, flanked by sheets of ice covered in penguins, and humpback whales calling in the distance. Antarctica is arguably, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you cannot miss if traveling is your passion.

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