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3 Trips To Experience Local Cultures

They say a best way to get to know a country is through its people and their traditions. Sure, we love trekking sweeping landscapes, discovering new foods and getting lost in the tiny alleys of old town, but what makes a trip truly special is meeting the locals and having the chance to experience their customs and listen to their stories. Here are 3 trips that’ll let you experience some truly unique local customs.

India Photo Tour – The Colourful Holi Festival and Varanasi 

One of the most anticipated celebrations in the Hindu calendar, you know the Holi Festival for the amazing colours that paint the streets. The spring festival is also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love. During this period, celebrations are in full swing across India as people cover themselves in powder, throw flower petals and light bonfires to celebrate the Spring Festival.

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Kelantan Photo Tour – Cultural and Kampong Experience 

In the northeast corner of peninsular Malaysia, bordering Thailand, is the state of Kelantan. Of all the 13 states in Malaysia, Kelantan is well known for its colourful Malay traditional culture. Few tourists head this far north up the east coast, but it’s a fascinating journey for those interested in seeing Malaysia as it might have been without so many foreign influences. On this trip, you’ll have the chance to witness the local way of living in a kampong (village).

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Waisek Lantern Festival Photo Tour 

Once a year, thousands of Buddhist devotees in Indonesia will gather to celebrate Waisak Lantern Festival in Borobudur together. Think a walking procession to the Borobudur Temple that is later followed by the night activities of chanting and praying. The highlight of this festival comes when thousands of lanterns are released in the night sky, making for a one of a kind experience to not only capture, but witness for yourself.

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