4 Affordable But Exotic Photography Tours To Treat Yourself To

Travel isn’t always affordable – between air fares, accommodations and food (not to mention insurance for all your gear), the dollars can add up quickly. It is safe to say that trying to stay within budget while exploring the wonders of the world is not any one’s idea of a good time, which is why we’ve gone and ahead and sorted out that problem for you. Check out these 4 highly affordable but exotic photography tours that will give you the best bang for your buck.

castle romania

Romania, $5,400, 10 days 

Europe is notoriously expensive during the summer months, but if you visit during fall, you’ll get to experience the best the continent has to offer. Think cooler temperatures, lower prices, significantly less tourists and of course, splendid autumnal colours. Our photography tour to Romania takes you straight into a Brothers Grimm fairly tale – think winding cobblestone paths, ancient towns and traditions preserved from centuries past, lush forests ablaze in orange and reds and the chance to visit Dracula’s Castle.

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small lake xinjiang photo tour

Kanas, $4,500, 11 days 

For jaw dropping scenery, you don’t always have to travel far west to find them. Sharing borders with Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, the Kanas Nature Reserve in Xinjiang offers a wonderfully unique landscape and boasts a beautiful natural ecosystem formed by lakes, rivers, glaciers, forests, and grasslands. The prairie is peaceful, home to nomads and grazing flocks of sheep and herds of cows, and truly comes alive in autumn.

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china inner mongolia photo tour

Inner Mongolia, $2,200, 7 days 

The special climate and geographical position at the junction of the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia Grasslands give Bashang its unique natural landscapes and make it a popular destination during the autumn months thanks to the cool weather. The wide, flat Mongolian plateau slopes gently down towards the mountains; the prairie is peaceful, home to nomads and grazing flocks of sheep and herds of cows. It feels as though you are stepping back into the time of Ghenghis Khan, and we cannot put a price on the experience of living history.

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