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4 Exotic Trips That Won’t Break The Bank

Between air fare, accommodations, food and other miscellaneous costs (ahem, shopping), traveling can get expensive real quick! As a general rule of thumb, it is true that the further away from home you stray, the more you’re going to have to pay. We love our trips to Europe and Africa but sometimes, our finances just don’t allow for it – and that’s perfectly fine! Adventure awaits in every corner; sometimes even in your own back yard. We’ve rounded up the 4 most affordable trips we offer at Unusual Expedition that cost less than a ticket to Europe (or a luxury handbag).

Guilin, the best landscapes under the sky 

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Also known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, Guilin is world famous for its idyllic scenery that draws millions of tourists from all over the globe every year. Think winding rivers bathed in the most surreal sunsets you’ll ever see, and the chance to meet local fishermen who still fish with cormorants – a practice that dates back to more than 500 years ago.

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Kelantan, the cultural photo tour 

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Our next door neighbour boasts more than Kuala Lumpur’s mega malls or Penang’s feasts. Located in the northeastern corner of the peninsula, the people of Kelantan have managed to preserve age-old customs and traditions, making the city a truly unique one to visit as it has not been touched by too much foreign influence. Dubbed as the ‘cradle of Malay culture’, the city (especially her markets) comes alive with colour, sights and sounds – perfect for any street photographer.

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Inner Mongolia, roam the lands of Ghenghis Khan

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Inner Mongolia is definitely one of the most unique destinations on our list, and we bet it’s one not many can boast having been to! From sprawling green steppes to arid deserts and prairie fields, this country is extremely rich in landscape diversity – a treasure trove for any landscape photographer! You’ll also have the chance to embrace your inner nomad with horseback riding, archery and meeting the locals who will host you for traditional meals.

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Borobudur, see the night sky come alive

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The Waisek Lantern Festival is one of the most famous in Asia, with the highlight being the thousands of lanterns that are released into the night sky. On this trip, not only will you have the chance to witness this beautiful moment, but also have the opportunity to capture the Borobudur temple grounds during sunrise – one of the most magical sights you’ll ever witness.

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