5 Items To Pack Along To Keep Cool During Summera

Ah summer – long days, lovely weather and all the aperol spritz you can drink. From the beach to the park to the mountains, everyone is travelling during this time of the year (unless you’re heading down under) and naturally, so are we! The long summer days means more hours of daylight for shooting and nailing that perfect shot, but spending all that time under the sun can get uncomfortable quick. Here are our 5 must-bring items for both photographers and non-photographers alike if you’re travelling this summer to beat the heat.


Insten Portable Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan 

We love long walks through quaint countryside towns and hikes that allow us to capture spectacular landscape shots, but when the temperature climbs to 35 degrees, it quickly gets too hot to handle, for both our gear and our bodies. This fan will help keep you cool so the heat doesn’t get in the way of you nailing that shot.

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Cooling Bandana 

However, if you’re already bogged down with your gear and you don’t want to carry an additional item, then this bandana is for you. A single soak delivers a cooling effect for up to 4 hours, and all you need to do is run it under water to re-activate. Perfect for those days you’ll be out in the field all day long.

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Cold Shower Cooling Soaps 

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats the heat better than a cold shower! After spending an entire day out and about, there is nothing better than coming back and taking a refreshing shower – and these soaps will take that shower to the next level. Formulated with mint and menthol, it even helps to speed up muscle recovery, making it perfect for any photographer who has spent the entire day lugging his gear under the sun. Pro tip: keep one in the fridge to use after a long day.

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SPF Facial Mist

Keep your face (and body) cool while protecting it from those long hours under the sun with this handy 2-in-1 facial mist. Formulated with thermal spring water from France, this mist also provides moisturising and anti-pollution benefits, making it ideal whether you’re travelling in the desert or in the city.

COOPH Photographer Hat 

The COOPH Photographer hat by Mühlbauer isn’t just comfortable and stylish; it’s also uniquely versatile. The flexible brim is designed to allow free camera movement when shooting vertically, whilst providing sun protection for those hot summer days. The broad sweat band works to prevent running or dripping sweats from irritating the wearer. The premium quality craftsmanship is achieved by hand in central Vienna and you can order your hat ‘tailor-made’.

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