5 Minutes with David Lawrence Lim

Film maker turned photographer David Lawrence Lim leads our Hokkaido photography tour and is known not only for his stunning photos, but patient and educational guiding style. With over 16 years’ experience in both photography and filmmaking, Unusual Expedition (and our clients!) is truly fortunate to have his keen eye and unparalleled creativity on our team. We sit down and get to him a little better.

Hi David! Tell us how you got into photography?
I started in the video industry, doing everything from pre to post-production. I worked on Art and Prop before shooting began; was part of the video and lighting crew during shoots and even worked on post production after. Video jobs can take weeks and months before completion, so during my free time, I shot photos (films) as a hobby, which slowly got me into photography as I was starting to get enquires to shoot for clients. I learnt everything on the job, from sweeping floors to building sets for some of the industry’s top photographers – the road isn’t easy, but keep preserving and you’ll get there.

What are your personal favourite genres of photography?
I like to shoot festivals as the people I capture are in a festive mood, and everyone is happy. It’s a bit like street photography but with more identity, and festivals usually take place in a iconic place which make it more visually more interesting.

Cranes in the snow

Tell us about some of your favourite Unusual Expedition trips
Honestly, I love all of them. The trips are always to interesting locations so it’s always enjoyable.

Sunrise by David Lim

What can our readers expect when they go on an Unusual Expedition tour with you?
I can be serious when I’m shooting, but otherwise I am easy going and I will always provide shooting advice. Of course, I will speed up or slow down instructions depending on the level of our participants. It is my priority to ensure that at the end of the day, everyone is satisfied with the tour. You can’t make everyone happy, but we do our best by and always make the most of each shooting location.

Horse riders by David Lim

Tell us about a crazy experience that happened on one of the tours.
I once waterproofed a camera, attached it to a broomstick and dropped it into the water to shoot some killer whales. Photography is all about being resourceful!

Where is the one place in the world you’re dying to visit for photography, and why? 
The moon! You get to shoot literally every location without having to stitch them together.

Eagle catching fish

Finally, what is your go-to photography kit when you’re traveling?
I travel with a Canon kit, and I’m not saying that just because I’m a Canon instructor and ambassador! Their cameras are truly powerful workhorses that survive everything from sand to snow to showers. This is crucial for a travel photography who is exposed to so many different environments.