5 Reasons to Visit Iceland This Year

With a population of just 332,529, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, making it an ideal location to holiday if people aren’t your thing. That aside, there are 5 more reasons why we always head back every year.

northern lights

#1 The northern lights

Did you know that because of Iceland’s location at the top of the world, it makes it one of the best places on earth to witness the northern lights? We never tire of witnessing one of mother nature’s most spectacular displays, and even more so when we’re guaranteed a grand show!


#2 The Icelandic horse

This might come across as a weird reason to travel all the way up north, but the Icelandic horse is actually one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions! The unique animal was brought over by the first Viking settlers when Iceland was colonised, and this special breed of horse boasts an unmatched skill for crossing even the most rugged of terrains and surviving the harshest conditions. On horseback, you have the chance to access the rough Icelandic wilderness and experience the country from the perspective of the original Vikings settlers.

iceland autumn

#3 Geothermal pools

Iceland is home to a remarkable amount of geothermal pools that can found all around the country; so abundant that the country actually uses geothermal energy as a source power. A soak outdoors (yes, even in winter!) in one of these pools is a quintessential Icelandic experience, a tradition that actually dates back to the time of the Vikings.

iceland autumn

#4 Mountain ranges

 The country is lined with enough mountain ranges to keep even the most ardent of mountaineers busy for a lifetime, but even if you aren’t into actually climbing them, they make for spectacular photo opportunities, allowing you to capture some of the best views in the world. We highly recommend going for at least a easy hike, as one of the best things to do in Iceland is to go out and experience her nature!

iceland autumn

#5 Black beaches

Iceland is home to one of most renown black sand beaches in the world. Close to the southern most village of Vik lies the black pebble beach of Reynisfjara, where you’ll also find majestic black basalt cliffs, enormous caves, fantastic rock formations and some of the most powerful winds given its proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean.

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