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5 Tours Closer To Home

Traveling is what keeps us going. The thrill of discovering a new place, savouring new flavours, meeting new people and experiencing a new culture is unparalleled – and we should know, it’s literally our business! But travelling is also exhausting, especially if you’re going to the west. Between the long flight times and having to deal with unfamiliar languages, sometimes we want our adventures a little closer to home. Which is why we’ve curated this list of nearby locations just for you.

Fujian, Xiapu, China 

Known as the most charming fishing village of China, Xiapu is located at the northeast part of China’s Fujian province. This enchanting estuarine getaway offers mudflat sceneries and the opportunity to experience a traditional, rural way of life. Entering Xiapu is like stepping back into time, and sometimes feels like you’ve also stepped into a painting.

Due to the pleasant seawater temperature and plenty of sunshine, Xiapu mudflats are rich in kelp, laver, oyster and yellow croakers. Locals living along the beach are deeply rooted in marine culture, their lives entwined with the fishing nets that lie along side bamboo poles along the jetties. As the sun rises and sets,  and the tide rise and fall, the bamboo poles, fishing boats and fish nets form various spectacular sceneries that make for some amazing shots.

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Osaka & Kyoto, Japan

Simply put, Japan is always a good idea. Have the best of both worlds on this photography tour that will allow you to toggle between the buzz of modern Japan and the tranquil traditions of her yesteryear. In Osaka, see the streets come alive at night as her citizens come out to play, amidst larger-than-life entertainment quarters, neon-lit video game parlous and karaoke centres. Then take a breather in Kyoto where you’ll have the chance to see geishas in traditional garb, witness ancient tea ceremonies and visit UNESCO-protected temples.

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Waisak Lantern Festival, Indonesia

Picture thousands of Buddhist devotees in Indonesia gathering to celebrate Waisak Lantern Festival together. Imagine a walking procession embodying pure faith by day to the world-famous Borobudur Temple that melds into a night sky filled with calming chants and prayers. Then the highlight of the festival: thousands of lanterns released into the inky sky. On this tour, we will also have the chance to visit lush tea plantations.

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Xiao Dong Jiang, China

Experience the way of life in a traditional fishing village along the Xiao Dong Jiang river in central China. Known for its dreamlike atmosphere when the fog envelops the river especially in early morning or late afternoon, your photos will become even more stunning when the sun hits and lights up the entire scene in a dreamy glow.

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Kelantan, Malaysia 

In the northeast corner of peninsular Malaysia, bordering Thailand, is the state of Kelantan. Of all the 13 states in Malaysia, Kelantan is well known for its colourful Malay traditional culture. Few tourists head this far north up the east coast, but it’s a fascinating journey for those interested in seeing Malaysia as it might have been without so many foreign influences. We love this city for it’s rich colours and wonderful street photo opportunities – and that it’s the closest to home!

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