Accessories to make your life easier

Flash gel pack 

Instantly add some drama or a unique perspective to your images without having to turn to long hours of post processing post-shoot. The best part about ExpoImagings Universal Flash Gels is that the Filter Kit cost less than a dinner out in town. These filters can cover even the largest flash head and can be easily trimmed or folded for smaller versions.

Photoflex Pocket Reflector 

If you’re as tired as lugging around huge bounce boards like we are, this pocket reflector is a must-have addition to your kit. Measuring at only 12 inches, the disc is foldable and boasts 2 sides that capture ambient lighting differently: soft gold and white. We love this for portraiture and product shoots.

Foldable studio 

If your line of work requires you to take plenty of product shoots or shots for Instagram, this ‘portable studio’ allows you take quality studio-level images without having to fork out the cash to rent an actual studio… or struggle with boards to create that clean, white backdrop. It even comes with an LED light strip!

The Hipjib 

Convert any basic tripod into a jib arm and achieve seamless camera movements for videography and top-down perspective shots. Weighing in at less than a 500g, it attaches to your waist comfortably, allowing you to achieve unique angles during your shoots.

Instant Digital Screen Remote Viewfinder 

Maybe you’re shooting wildlife that are skittish, or you’re just into really hard-to-acesss angles. This gadget allows you to get your camera up close to your subject, but trigger the shutter from a distance while being able to see what’s going on. We love that this version is wireless, allowing you to achieve a larger distance while being able to see what’s in your viewfinder.

Camera hip holster 

Never miss a moment with this hip holster for your DSLR. It’s not always safe or comfortable to wear your camera around your neck, but you don’t want the inconvenience of having to open your camera bag every single time. This strap is a secure and practical way to have your DSLR at the ready, so you never miss a moment.

A lens controller 

The Lens Apparatus is a lens controller for time-lapse and video. It provides follow focus control in conjunction with the included ChronoController, so you can accurately manipulate zoom, focus and depth of field while shooting your time-lapse or video.