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Antarctica 2017: A photo diary

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you’ll know that we were in Antarctica over Christmas and New Year (talk about the ultimate celebration). From snowy beaches to massive glaciers to wildlife unique to the area, the 7th continent of the world definitely tops our list of unusual travel destinations. Check out our photos from the trip for a sneak preview of what’s to come if you join us next year.

Wild flowers antarctica
Starting our expedition from Patagonia.. check out this unreal landscape!
Farmhand and dog
A farmhand poses with his buddy
Patagonia landscape
Surreal landscapes; only in Patagonia
Horseriding meadows
Another farm hand rides her horse through the meadows.
Antarctica snow caps
Winter is here.
Penguins antarctica
First penguins, spotted!
Antarctica expedition
The crew heads out
Penguin leap out of water
A penguin leaps out from the icy waters
Killer whales antarctica
Spotted from our cruise: killer whales!

Blue snow antarctica Antarctica birdlife  Antarctica hawkUnusual expedition Antarctica beautiful waterfall