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3 Unique Destinations in Europe That Aren’t Paris

Don’t get us wrong, we love la belle France. From the amazing food to luxury fashion, it is no wonder that when we think Europe, we can’t help but immediately envision the Eiffel Tower glittering at night, priceless art hanging on the walls of the Louvre, wheels of cheese and bottles of wine. Yet, while we appreciate...
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Photo Diary: Xiapu

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll probably have noticed that we were in Xiapu, aka home to one of the most charming fishing villages in all of China. We love visiting as it always feels like we’re stepping back into time, and despite the numerous visits over the years, not much has...
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Accessories to make your life easier

Flash gel pack  Instantly add some drama or a unique perspective to your images without having to turn to long hours of post processing post-shoot. The best part about ExpoImaging’s Universal Flash Gels is that the Filter Kit cost less than a dinner out in town. These filters can cover even the largest flash head...
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Photo Diary: Around Italy with Leica

A few weeks ago, we collaborated with Leica Akademie for our popular Italy tour and together with our expeditors, captured the best she has to offer. From the medieval seaside towns of Cinque Terre to the rolling plains of Tuscany, we aren’t sure what we miss more – the warm people, amazing food or jaw...
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Our Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Camera

As a photographer, we don’t need to tell you that the most important tool in your arsenal (apart from a good imagination) is your camera. Whether it’s a lower end $200 compact camera or the priciest DSLR available in the market, it is the most important and most expensive investment, so it makes sense that...
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Traveler’s Log: This Family of 4 Packed Up and Explored The World For 3 Months

Hi Abdul! Tell us about yourself and your family. I am 39 years old and have a passion for traveling and understanding the cultural lifestyle of people around the world. My wife, Siti shares a similar ideology. She dreamt of backpacking around Europe during her single days but didn’t get around to do it. We...
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Photo Diary: Iceland 2018

In March this year, we set off for an adventure in Iceland and we were definitely not disappointed. We sought the Northern Lights and we saw the most spectacular display to date; we visited the diamond beach and we crossed terrains of pure ice. The climate is not forgiving, but the views we were rewarded...
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Tips for Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s that time of the year again – the sakuras are blooming and millions from around the world will descend upon the land of the rising sun in order to experience and photograph this millennial-pink natural wonder. If you too, are headed to Japan for cherry blossom season, here are some key tips to ensure...
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3 Destinations in Asia All Photographers Must Visit

Vibrant, colourful and raw, Asia is home to some of the world’s most exciting and beautiful countries. While the softer light in the north does make for stunning landscape photos, and has more grand old buildings that create beautiful juxtaposition in street photography, any photographer worth his salt should include some Asian destinations in his portfolio....
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Photo Diary: Holi Festival 2018

Every year, we head to India to witness and capture the colours of the Holi Festival, and 2018’s festivities felt even bigger and brighter than usual! Check out some photos from our trip.    
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Photo Diary: Italy

You may have heard that we’ve partnered up with LEICA AKADEMIE for our upcoming Spring expedition to Italy, where we will visit start our trip in Rome before spending a bulk of our time in the romantic region of Tuscany and the medieval Cinque Terre villages, before ending our trip in artistic Florence. Here are...
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The ultimate guide to drone care

Maybe you got a drone as a Christmas gift last year, or maybe you dropped some of your CNY $$ on a brand new DJI Phantom – if you’re a beginner to the world of drones, take it from us that the best thing you can do for your expensive new toy is to educate...
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Photo Diary: Brazil

We were in Brazil for the famous annual Rio Carnival, where the streets of Rio De Janeiro came alive with dancers and revellers from the world over. The carnival is considered to be the largest in the world, with almost 2 million people on the streets… per day. We also made a detour to the...
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Winter photography

Key accessories for winter photography

Now that you’ve mastered the art of winter photography, make the experience of shooting in freezing temperatures a pleasant one by equipping your photography kit with these essential accessories. Tripod leg warmers If you’ve ever been stuck to a metal pole during winter, you’ll know that the last thing you want is to have your...
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5 Reasons to Visit Iceland This Year

With a population of just 332,529, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, making it an ideal location to holiday if people aren’t your thing. That aside, there are 5 more reasons why we always head back every year. #1 The northern lights Did you know that because of Iceland’s location at the...
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Tanzania photo diary

Photo Diary: Tanzania

Nestled within the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is sometimes referred to as the ‘land of safaris’. She gets this moniker from the rich wildlife she houses; one can expect to see stampeding wildebeests, hippopotamuses cooling off in muddy waterways, elephants wandering in their majestic beauty across the plains, great cats on the hunt and...
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Photographer new year resolution

5 New Year Resolutions To Become A Better Photographer

Even though we’re already 2 weeks in 2018, it’s not too late to reflect on the road ahead. Specifically, the road to becoming a better photographer than you were last year, because even for us professionals, the learning never stops! Here are 5 resolutions that we’re adopting this year. #1 Be less technical Yes, technique...
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Antarctica photo diary

Antarctica 2017: A photo diary

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you’ll know that we were in Antarctica over Christmas and New Year (talk about the ultimate celebration). From snowy beaches to massive glaciers to wildlife unique to the area, the 7th continent of the world definitely tops our list of unusual travel destinations. Check out our photos from...
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photo tour Hokkaido

5 Minutes with David Lawrence Lim

Film maker turned photographer David Lawrence Lim leads our Hokkaido photography tour and is known not only for his stunning photos, but patient and educational guiding style. With over 16 years’ experience in both photography and filmmaking, Unusual Expedition (and our clients!) is truly fortunate to have his keen eye and unparalleled creativity on our...
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Giraffes photo

5 Events and Festivals in 2018 For Your Travel Bucket List

We travel for many reasons, and for us, we especially love experiencing the various celebrations of different cultures. Allowing us an insight that mere sightseeing will never afford, here are 5 exciting events happening next year around the world that you should definitely start saving for. Holi Festival 2018 One of the most anticipated celebrations...
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Canon camera

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Photographer Friends

We all have one friend or family member who is into photography. Whether they are hobbyists or professionals, they’ll never say ‘no’ a new gadget to add to their arsenal! Check out these 5 cool gift ideas for that photographer in your life. Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner Know someone who shoots film? Gift them this...
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Itsukushima shrine

5 Best Hosting Sites For Your Photography Portfolio

In our last article, we covered some tips on breaking it into the photography industry. One tip discussed how crucial it is to have a portfolio that reflects who you are as a photographer, but the question is, where do you begin with so many portfolio hosting sites out there?  Check out our favourite 5...
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Photography for beginners

A Guide To Getting Into Professional Photography

So you’ve made the decision, bought the gear and maybe even quit your comfortable, well-paying job in hopes of cutting it as a professional photographer – congratulations! The road ahead will not be easy, considering the advent of smartphone photography and the already incredibly saturated market, but not impossible. Here are some tips on photography for beginners, to help you get started. Tip...
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Sunset temple

Best Lightweight Cameras for Traveling

As travelers, we seek out different things during our trip. For some, it’s all about the exotics local foods where for others, it might be landscapes that are utterly unlike those seen at home. For many, it’s the opportunity to capture stories through the lens, so as to bring home tales to share with family...
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Photographer workout

Workouts For Photographers

As a photographer, you might not think that working out is important in your line of work, but did you know that most professionals are at risk of slipped discs, muscle spasms, rotator cuff syndrome, tendinitis and even carpal tunnel? Photography is actually very physical, when you consider you spend plenty of time lugging around...
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Picturesque photography destination

You Have To Visit These 5 Unique Photography Destinations

Whether you’re a professional travel photographer in search of unchartered photographed territory, or a budding photographer looking to include spectacular snaps in your portfolio, check out these totally unique destinations for a once in a lifetime experience. Patagonia Surreal, wind-swept and rugged, Patagonia boasts an incredibly diverse countryside ranging from vivid green alpine meadows littered...
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Travel friendly photography gear

Travel-friendly basic photography gear guide

Memories last a lifetime, but memories captured on film last for eternity. Whenever we travel, we seek to preserve some of the sights we experience– of mother nature’s boundless glory and customs and traditions completely foreign – through photography, whether it’s through the eyes of a professional, DLSR-wielding photographer or a backpacker with just an...
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Photography guide to composition

The ultimate guide to composition

You’ve likely heard of the Rule of Thirds, and while that is one of the key factors in achieving pleasing composition in a photo, it isn’t the only one. Take your photography to the next level with these helpful tips to improve your composition. Center dominant eye In portraiture, try positioning your subject’s dominant eye...
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Birdlife photography cranes

Landscape Photography Tips

From sun-kissed mountain ranges to magnificent seascapes, here are our tips on capturing the best landscape photographs. Invest in a wide-angle lens Landscape photography is a genre where you can use a wide range of lenses, from wide-angle to telephoto. Ultimately, the location and subject will always determine your focal length and technique, but having...
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Northern lights

How to capture the Northern Lights

As winter approaches, many of you might be planning a trip far up north to witness the magical spectacle that is the northern lights. These shimmering, dancing waves of light are surreal, and certainly a sight worth capturing! If you’re also planning on bringing your camera, check out these tips for the best shot at...
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