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Best Lenses For Travel Photography

Horse riding sunset

Best Lenses For Travel Photography

Unless you are a seasoned photographer used to packing at a moment’s notice, we can all agree that packing for travel can be tricky! You want to bring everything with you, you know, just in case you need it, but oops, there’s that baggage limit. Also, if you’re constantly on the road, it can be a pain to lug around several bags of gear, which is why you’ll want to streamline your equipment as much as possible. Apart from your camera body, tripod and other lightweight essentials like your lens hood and filters, here are the top 3 lenses you should definitely bring along.

Wide angle zoom lens shot

Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Good for: landscape and architecture photography

Benefits: fit a larger scene into a single frame while still being able to get close to your subject.

This is a widely (pun intended) loved lens for most photographers because of its versatility. It allows for perspective in a wider composition while still allowing you to zoom in on details. Wide angle lenses emphasize the size of objects, making what is closer to you bigger and vice versa.

Photo tour Kamchatka

Telephoto lens

Good for: fast action photography, wildlife photography and even portraiture

Benefits: make objects in the distance look larger and use selective focus to make subjects pop against their backgrounds­.

If you’re going to cover a sports meet or shoot wildlife (not literally), then a telephoto lens is your best best. For one, wildlife that don’t come into contact with humans often tend to be skittish, and since approaching them is not an option, shoot from afar instead (with possibly a bit of camouflage) in their natural environment undisturbed. Likewise, you can capture the heart of a sports event without having to risk getting too close and potentially ruining your gear by a wayward ball or crush of bodies.

Telephoto lenses are also great for portraiture, as it allows you to exaggerate certain features like the ears or nose. Using selective focus when shooting people also allows you to blur out distracting or cluttered backgrounds, allowing your subject to remain the star. If you are a photojournalist who wants to capture raw emotion and 100% candid street photographs, then equip yourself with a telephoto lens and shoot from afar, unnoticed.

Prime lens shot

Prime lens

Good for: portraiture, still life photography

Benefits: get sharper images, and fully isolate your subject from the background

One of the key benefit of the prime lens is its lightweight and compact build, making it an obvious choice if you’re heading abroad. Also, because of the fixed focal length, you will be able to produce wider f-stops, meaning your subject will stand out against a beautiful background blur, which allows you to emphasize faces and features. However, because you are unable to zoom, this forces you to get up close to your subject, making your images a lot more intimate! We also like the prime lens because if yours has an aperture range that goes down to f/1.4, it is absolutely perfect for low light situations.


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