Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Photographer Friends

We all have one friend or family member who is into photography. Whether they are hobbyists or professionals, they’ll never say ‘no’ a new gadget to add to their arsenal! Check out these 5 cool gift ideas for that photographer in your life.

Lomography smartphone film scanner

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Know someone who shoots film? Gift them this nifty 35mm film scanner that is compatible with both Android and iOS. Scan 35mm film directly to your smartphone simply by sliding your smartphone into the scanner’s mount, switch on the battery-powered backlight, insert your film and take a pic of the negative. It’s significantly cheaper than a flatbed scanner, and is a lot more compact! The accompanying app also always you to turn the image of the negative into a positive, and you can even adjust the colour and exposure before saving.

Wow ring light

Oh! Wow Ring Light

This is the perfect gift for that photographer friend who is always taking snaps of people, or that Instagram-husband that you know of. While most professional lighting systems are bulky and a pain to carry around, this ring light fits conveniently onto your hot shoe mount and pops right in front of your lens. With 3 brightness options, you can even switch it to stay on constantly if you plan to shoot videos.

Core lens set

Core Lens Set

For that friend who is really into iPhone photography, help them take their Instagram feed to the next level with the Core Lens Set. Featuring 3 convenient clip-on lenses, shoot in fisheye, super-wide angle and 15x macro. An update from its predecessor set, this award-winning version has improved optics thanks to the new multi-element coated glass. It even features an interchangeable lens system that allows you to decide which lenses you want on while you’re out and about so you can shoot with absolute ease.

Koolerton waterproof camera bag

Koolerton Waterproof Camera Bag

We know camera bags should be all about function over form, but sometimes we can’t help but wish they were a lot better looking! Enter the Koolerton Camera Bag, the perfect gift for the photographer who is always on the go. With its vintage-inspired design, this stylish bag fits up to 1 DSLR and 2 lenses, and features a removable liner so it can function as a regular bag too. There’s even a convenient back pocket to store your tablet, phone or passport – anything you need to be able to access quickly.

Lifeprint hyperphoto printer

Lifeprint Hyperphoto Printer

Digital memories are great, but sometimes having an actual photograph to frame or pin up feels great too. The Lifeprint is a Bluetooth-enabled photo printer for both Android and iPhone, allowing you to print and share photos with friends and family around the world. Here’s how it works: Lifeprint is connected to a global printer network, so you can send prints to anyone in your app who has a Lifeprint printer with them. It’s so small and portable that it also makes a great accessory for your next party! You can print stills from your favourite videos, and the app even uses augmented reality to bring still photos to life. The best part is, this printer doesn’t actually use ink, so don’t worry about those pesky refills (you will need to buy their ZINK papers though).