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Go on these tours to make the most of your public holidays

Now that the dust from getting through the first quarter of 2019 has settled, it’s time to consider the next three, specifically, where you’ll be going for vacation and most importantly, when. With most of us holding full time jobs, finding time to get away isn’t easy, which is why is important to be strategic when applying for leave. Luckily for us this year, there are plenty of long weekends and public holidays that coincide with some of our most exotic trips – we promise it won’t be just another vacation.

For Hari Raya Puasa (5th June) – Namibia 

Travel dates: 1 – 12 June

With her scenic landscapes filled with rich wildlife, Namibia is a wonderful alternative summer getaway if you’re growing bored of your usual summer haunts in Europe or Southeast Asia. From national parks filled with elephants and lions to coastlines lined with shipwrecks waiting to be explored and to villages of friendly natives who will open up their home to you, Namibia is definitely one for the adventure books. Fun fact: Namibia is also home to some of the darkest skies in the world, which means when the sun sets, you’ll be able to see the Milky Way shining above you in all its glory.

For a detailed itinerary and bookings, click here.

For National Day (9th Aug) – Svalbard 

Travel dates: 1 – 10 August

Located in the Arctic Ocean, the Svalbard Islands boasts untouched artic wilderness – think breathtaking icy landscapes filled with wildlife like polar bears, reindeer, artic foxes, minkes and even humpback whales. On this tour, you’ll be aboard a comfortable cruise sailing through the Norwegian archipelago of dramatic snow-drowned peak,  glaciers, vast icefields and towering icebergs.

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For Deepavali (27th Oct) – Romania 

Travel dates: 20- 19 October

romania - photo tour

Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is not a country where many visit (from this side of the world at least), and we think it’s an absolute pity! A land where time has not yet managed to change her ways and people too much, Romania offers raw, beautiful autumnal landscapes during this time of year, and the chance to witness many traditional Romanian ways of life that are still deeply steeped in traditions from centuries past. This tour also takes us to the mythical Dracula’s Castle.

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