Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour – Japan

Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour – Japan

Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour – Japan

Tsurui Village

Tsurui Village offers a picturesque setting, perfect for starting your Hokkaido winter photo tour. Renowned for its stunning photo opportunities during the Hokkaido winter season, the village is famous for its Red-Crowned Cranes, elegant birds with striking red crowns that photographers on the Hokkaido winter tour find captivating. Don’t miss the magical spectacle as the cranes return to the river at dusk during your Hokkaido winter photo tour.


Next on our Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour is Nemuro, offering a serene and natural environment. The Otowa Bridge in Nemuro is a prime spot for observing Red-Crowned Cranes as they peacefully rest in the river, providing excellent opportunities for wildlife photography during your Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour. Our visit also includes a stop at Akkeshi Bay, where you can capture the beauty of swans and ducks in their picturesque natural habitat.


Rausu is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise. Furen Lake in Rausu is a key destination, where you can encounter Steller’s Sea Eagles and White-tailed Eagles, fulfilling any photographer’s dream during the photo tour. Notsuke Peninsula is another must-visit location, known for its unique wildlife observation opportunities. The highlight of the Hokkaido Winter Photo Tour is an evening session focused on photographing the elusive Blakiston’s Fish Owl at Washi No Yado.

Lake Kussharo

Lake Kussharo is a frozen wonderland during the Hokkaido winter season, featuring areas where hot springs melt the ice, attracting swans and ducks and creating a unique and captivating sight for Hokkaido winter photography. This location provides excellent opportunities for bird and wildlife photography during your Hokkaido winter photo tour.


Biei is a paradise for landscape photographers on the Hokkaido winter tour, showcasing the iconic Blue Lake, a solitary tree that stands as a symbol of the region, and mesmerizing waterfalls. The natural beauty of Biei offers endless possibilities for capturing the perfect shot during the Hokkaido winter photo tour.

UNUSUAL EXPEDITION’s trips are well known for accomplishing a lot in just a few days. We basically pack a lot of content with different themes in a single trip. This workshop will be no different. Locations shoots each day are dependant on daily weather and lighting conditions.

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January 6, 2024

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January 14, 2024

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Photography Tour


Day 1

Our adventure begins as we depart from Kushiro and make our way to the enchanting Tsurui Village. This picturesque village is renowned among nature enthusiasts and photographers for its stunning photo opportunities. Tsurui Village is particularly famous for its resident Red-Crowned Cranes, magnificent birds known for their striking red crowns. As we arrive, these elegant creatures take center stage, providing a captivating subject for photography enthusiasts.

The highlight of this day is undoubtedly the evening spectacle as dusk falls. We'll have the privilege of witnessing the Red-Crowned Cranes returning to the river, a breathtaking and awe-inspiring sight. This magical moment creates the perfect setting for spectacular photo sessions, capturing these graceful birds in their natural habitat.

After an exhilarating day of exploration and photography, we'll conclude the evening with a stay at a charming local inn in Tsurui. This inn offers a cozy atmosphere, allowing us to unwind and experience authentic Japanese hospitality.

Meals: Dinner
Day 2

The following morning, we rise early to continue our exploration of Tsurui Village. Our first destination is Otowa Bridge, a prime location for observing the Red-Crowned Cranes as they peacefully slumber in the river. The serene environment of Tsurui Village allows us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, with the possibility of spotting the elusive Ezo-Ural Owl within the lush green forests.

Our accommodations in Tsurui for this night will once again be at a traditional inn, providing a tranquil setting to relax after a day full of exploration.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 3

Our journey continues as we depart Tsurui in the morning and return to Otowa Bridge for another glimpse of the Red-Crowned Cranes. We then embark on a scenic transfer to Furen Lake, a stunning natural destination. Along the way, we'll make a stop at Akkeshi Bay, offering an excellent opportunity to photograph swans and ducks in their pristine natural habitat.

Our accommodations for the night will be in Nemuro, where we'll stay at a comfortable hotel. This hotel not only offers modern amenities but also provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 4

At Furen Lake, we're greeted by the majestic sight of Steller's Sea Eagles and White-tailed Eagles, a dream come true for wildlife and bird photographers. Our journey to Rausu includes a visit to Notsuke Peninsula, a unique location for wildlife observation. The day's highlight is an evening photography session focused on capturing the rare and elusive Blakiston's Fish Owl at Washi No Yado.

For our overnight stay, we'll find ourselves in a delightful lodge nestled in the heart of nature in Rausu, providing a cozy and rustic atmosphere.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 5

An exciting Drift Ice Cruise awaits us in the morning, offering breathtaking sunrise views from Kunashiri Island and the opportunity for eagle watching. We'll also revisit Notsuke Peninsula for more wildlife encounters.

Our accommodations in Rausu will once again be at the cozy lodge, where we can relax and recharge for another day of exploration.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 6

Our morning begins with another captivating Drift Ice Cruise, followed by a transfer to Yoroushi. En route, we'll make a stop at Kunashiri viewpoint, providing us with breathtaking views of the Nemuro Strait. Yoroushi welcomes us with its local cuisine and soothing hot springs. In the evening, we'll have another chance to photograph the elusive Blakiston's Fish Owl and, if we're lucky, spot a sable.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 7

Our day begins with wildlife observation in the morning, where we may have the opportunity to observe the charming Hokkaido Squirrel and other local wildlife. Later, we'll head to Lake Kussharo, a frozen wonderland featuring hot spring-melted areas that attract swans and ducks, creating a unique and captivating sight. The day concludes with a transfer to Biei, a region famous for its Shirogane hot springs.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 8

Biei continues to captivate us with its natural beauty. We'll have the opportunity to explore the mesmerizing Blue Lake, capture the iconic lone tree in photographs, and marvel at the enchanting waterfalls that grace the landscape. For landscape photographers, Biei is a true paradise.


Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 9

Our unforgettable journey through Hokkaido's wilderness and wildlife comes to an end on this day. We'll make a transfer to Asahikawa Airport for our departure on NH4782 at 09:25, marking the conclusion of this extraordinary adventure. The memories of our encounters with wildlife and the beauty of Hokkaido's landscapes will remain with us long after we've said our farewells.




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January 6, 2024

Tour End

January 14, 2024

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