JOSEPHMAK-Canon EOS 5D Mark IV-EF16-35mm f-2.8L III USM@20 mm(ISO 50-120.0 sec at f - 16)-_14A1624

Photo Diary: Italy

You may have heard that we’ve partnered up with LEICA AKADEMIE for our upcoming Spring expedition to Italy, where we will visit start our trip in Rome before spending a bulk of our time in the romantic region of Tuscany and the medieval Cinque Terre villages, before ending our trip in artistic Florence. Here are some photos from our previous trips there, just so you know what you can expect if you’re planning on joining us 😉

Amazing sunsets in Tuscany’s rolling plains
One of the 5 fishing villages in the Cinque Terre region
Italy is famed for her amazing blend architectural influence from over the millennial, from art nouveau to gothic to Renaissance
A woman hangs her laundry out to dry
One of the most famous villas in Tuscany bathed in gold