Santorini-Canon EOS 5D Mark IV-EF24-70mm f-2.8L II USM@39 mm(ISO 50-140.0 sec at f - 18)-_14A3036

Photo Diary: Santorini 2018

Known perhaps, as one of the most romantic islands on the planet, Santorini has had travellers spellbound for years with its well-known, picturesque landscapes. You’ve seen it before – blue-domed churches, whitewashed buildings and adorable, meandering cobblestone paths that all seem to lead toward adventure. It is probably one of the most laid-back photo tours we offer here at Unusual Expedition; hey, we need a break too, from time to time! Check out our photos from our 2018 tour, and if this volcanic island has you equally enchanted, you can join us in the summer next year. Good wine that costs practically nothing, amazing food and of course, a beautiful view to wake up to every day; why not?

Surrounded by water (it is an island after all), there’s nothing better than taking a pre-dinner stroll along one of Santorini’s many harbours.
We chanced upon a wedding progression and the bride and groom happily posed for some photos. #locallife
Santorini during the blue hour. We honestly can’t decide which is the best time to shoot this island!
Night slowly sets upon Santorini, which means it’s wine-o-clock! The local wine supposedly tastes better here, thanks to the minerals that are present in the volcanic soil.
Millions of steps leading to adventure. Santorini is covered in steps, so be prepared for a proper, lower body workout if you visit!
The famous ruins of Parthenon viewed from a different angle (yes our tour includes Athens and Mykonos too!)
This view definitely had us dreaming of packing it up and moving to this laid-back yet bustling island!

If you’ve missed this tour, don’t fret! We have plenty more you can still sign up for in 2018. Check out the full list here.