JOSEPHMAK-Canon EOS 7D Mark II-EF200-400mm f-4L IS USM@400 mm(ISO 1600-1-1250 sec at f - 8.0)-192A8795

Photo Diary: Tanzania

Nestled within the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is sometimes referred to as the ‘land of safaris’. She gets this moniker from the rich wildlife she houses; one can expect to see stampeding wildebeests, hippopotamuses cooling off in muddy waterways, elephants wandering in their majestic beauty across the plains, great cats on the hunt and chimpanzees swinging through the trees. Check out some of our shots from last year’s expedition, just in case you want to come along with us for the adventure of a lifetime this year. 

Lions mating
Mating season
Elephant behind tree
Wisdom comes with age. An elephant peers warily at us humans through the trees.
Tanzania meat feast
It’s dinner time! The original paleo diet…
Lion eating prey
Savouring the efforts of his hunt
Zebras in the sun
Lounging in the sun. A herd of zebras enjoy the calm.
Wildlife hyenas
A pack of hyenas sneak off into the bushes
Tanzania school children
Not too far from the plains, kids work hard at school for a better future