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Photo Tour Diary: Tuscany Photography Workshop 2019

Photo Tour Diary: Tuscany Photography Workshop 2019

Longer days, warmer weather and low-season affordability, Spring is one of our favourite times to visit beautiful Tuscany for a photo tour. Home to rolling green hills, splendid vistas and of course, amazing wine, this springtime photography workshop is our – understandably – most popular European getaway.

Sunset over the Tiber

Kicking off in Rome, our first shoot of the trip is a sunset one that casts the Italian capital in a different – pun intended – light.

Love in the air

Imagine some of the world’s most impressive architecture like the Colosseum and St.Peter’s Basilica bathed in the soft rays of the setting sun and you’ll understand why Rome frequently tops the lists of romantic European getaways!

The next morning, we head off in search of Tuscany’s famed sprawling hills for a photo shoot. En route, we stop at Siena for a short tour, a charming old medieval town located in central Tuscany.

Distinguished by brick buildings, meandering cobblestone alleyways and locals on bicycle carting around bottles of local wine, wheels of cheese or produce, it is easy to feel as though you stepped through a time machine and entered a different time.

And this. This is exactly the kind of sights we traveled the Italian countryside for. This is the kind of splendour that can exist when man and nature work together, one that can exist for centuries and only grow to become more beautiful.

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