Places To Travel In This Month

Although is said to be the most popular month for summer vacations, August is a close second. There’s still time to plan a trip in August, or even a staycation if time or resources are limited this year. For those who long to escape the summer heat as well as warm weather destinations with beaches, pools, and plenty of sunshine.

Best Seasons:August


Tour Destination

    Serengeti Photo Tour – Tanzania

    29 Aug - 9 Sep, 2020

    SERENGETI PHOTO TOUR Tanzania is the land of safaris. Wildebeest stampede across the plains. Hippos jostle for space in muddy waterways. Elephants wander along seasonal migration routes and chimpanzees swing through the treetops. Throughout the country, there are unparalleled opportunities…

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      Arctic Polar Bears Photo Tour – Svalbard

      19 Aug - 30 Aug, 2020

      SVALBARD ARCTIC POLAR BEARS PHOTO TOUR The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, at the remote northern end of the world. The untouched arctic wilderness, breathtaking icy landscapes, beautiful fjords, and wonderful wildlife, are without doubt, a huge…

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