Places To Travel In This Month

By the time May arrives, we know with all that means to us — school vacation, travel, warmer weather, wardrobe change, longer days. Of course, any time is right for a trip, whether it’s a for a change of scenery or a longer journey to a new place. Explore with us.

Best Seasons:May
Popular Location:Guilin


Tour Destination

    Galapagos Wildlife Photo Tour – Ecuador

    May, 10 Days

    Ecuador Quito Cloud-high in the Andes and hemmed in by the snow-capped peaks of two active volcanoes, few cities have as dramatic a setting as Quito. The Ecuadorian capital’s 16th-century Centro Histórico (Old Town) is not only the largest and…

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      Waisak Lantern Festival Photo Tour – Indonesia

      May, 5 Days

      WAISAK LANTERN FESTIVAL Thousands of Buddhist devotees in Indonesia will gather to celebrate Waisak Lantern Festival together. A walking procession to Borobudur Temple follow by the night activites of chanting and praying. The highlight moment of this festival comes when…

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