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Unusual Expedition to: Tuscany

Europe is spectacular during the autumnal months. Her landscapes blaze alive with golds, reds and oranges and despite the cooler temperatures, you are still blessed with the kiss of the sun. Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of Europe, from the rain-slicked cobblestoned streets of the East to the straight-out-of-a-fairy-tale, white powdered roofed villages of the north, but the rolling hills of Tuscany, flanked by the awe-inspiring Dolomites is a class of its own.

The most famous villa in Tuscany, alight in the sunset

The birthplace of the Italian language, we visit Tuscany twice a year – in spring and in autumn – but we are slightly biased toward our visits during the second half of the year. The cooler weather allows us to eat our fill of hearty pastas, washed down by loads of affordable Chianti (the wine of the region) and we can explore to our hearts content without ever feeling the discomfort of heat.

A countryside village

We love visiting the countryside villages, so very unlike the towering skyscrapers and apartments we know back home. Old weary streets (fun fact: in 1339 Tuscany made the decision to pave their roads, allowing for ease of transport) lead off toward adventure, flanked by low brick houses that would tell the most marvellous stories from centuries past if they could speak. Every now and then you stumble upon an osteria with the most tantalising scents wafting through the little doors.

Nestled amongst the mountains, a village slowly goes to sleep

Her people are warm, the food impeccable and the sights incredible. Every time we Visit Tuscany, we leave a part of our hearts behind, and every time we return, we find it again and feel whole.

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  • P Thong

    Glad to have joined your Tuscany tour last November. Thoroughly enjoyed the food and photography. Highly recommended!

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