David Lawrence Lim

Tour Director

David Lawrence Lim discovered his creative calling working for the military. While troops around him were running around with their rifles and helmets, he was doing the same with a video-camera on his shoulder. After a course in film-making, he started working on movies, with responsibilities across a variety of departments, including lighting, cinematography and even props. Before long, his passion for moving images had spilled over to still images.

Working with an SLR offered a different joy for this photographer born and based in Singapore. While the video-camera enabled him to work in a team, the still camera allowed him to explore the freedom of personal space. From successful bureaucrats to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, from prized sculptures to posh clubs, from breathtaking natural landscapes to candid snippets of everyday life, David’s pictures reflect his insights into moments and memories.

He has worked with organisations such as DHL, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation, 3M, MediaCorp News, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Community, Youth & Sports, and Taiwan Visitors Association. His photographs have also been published in leading newspapers and magazines.

David is an associate photography instructor with a leading camera brand. He has over 16 years of experience in photography and video production. He enjoys imparting knowledge to aspiring learning photographers.