Joseph Mak

The Founder & CEO of Unusual Expedition

Having traveled more than 40 countries and guided nearly 100 tours, travel photographer.

Joseph Mak is the head honcho behind Unusual Expedition, a photography tour company that will take you to the world’s most exotic locations.
The award winning photographer is known for his dynamic travel shots that will inspire your wanderlust, and has hosted photography exhibitions with the Norwegian embassy, and released a photo book in collaboration with the Israeli embassy. He is the proud winner of several PSA and Fiap awards, and spends his free time in search of good restaurants and chilling out to music.

He get interested with photography in 2009. Attended a basic photography course with an institution and read up and explore further by himself.

Starting from landscape photography, he explore himself with street and outdoor portraiture photography as it is crucial to know all the different techniques for travel photography.
As a travel photographer, he believe in spending minimum post processing of photos and capture the perfect moment in the camera.

He traveled an average of 250 days around the world. Some of the exotic places that he has covered in the past years: Antarctica, Svalbard, Vanuatu, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kamchatka.