Travel the World: Provence

Travel the World: Provence

Just because the world grinds to a halt and all planes remain grounded due to COVID-19, it doesn’t mean that our wanderlust, that passionate flame for travel and adventure, has been put out. While we have no idea when we’ll next be able to board a plane again, we can at the very least, explore the world with our eyes and relive sights, sounds and taste in the alleyways of our memories. This latest article series #traveltheworld requires just a little bit of imagination and a decent sound system as we pair our favourite travel destinations with an appropriate sound track, wine and snack.

This week, meander through Provence’s lush lavender fields and its charming countryside villages.

Music: Provence countryside
Wine Pairing: Cep d’Or AOP Côtes de Provence (click to order)
Snack: black olive tapenade (click for recipe) + baguette

Provence Covers a Total of 31,400km2 (12,100 sq miles)

Some of the most well-known destinations in Provence include Toulon, Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice, Antibes and Marseille.

Lavender is the Iconic Flower of Provence

Think Provence and miles of lush lavender fields immediately come to mind. The region is celebrated for the excellent quality of the fragrant foliage to be grown in the area, with the Lavender Museum is a must-visit for a greater understanding of the impact of this beautiful crop on the area.

Provence is Home to Roman Treasures

Provence is home to exemplary examples of Roman architecture. Previously part of the Roman Gaul, evidence of the ancient civilisation can be appreciated across the region.

Many Famous Artists Were Drawn to the Beauty of Provence

Boasting names in the art industry such as Rénoir, Cézanne, Picasso, and Van Gogh, you can be assured that the scenery really is picture-perfect, and the region today is still home to one of the world’s finest art collections.

Provence is Famed for the Outstanding Rosé Wine Produced in the Region

Provence is well-known for its wine, and in particular, rosé. With delicate, elegant flavours and a beautiful blush colour, this wine is basically summer and sunshine in a glass. The region is one of the world’s biggest producers of rosé and you’ll find it flowing freely (and cheaply).

Provence Enjoys Around 300 Days of Sun Each Year

That makes Provence sunnier than some American cities! The guarantee of the warming rays is partly what makes this such a popular holiday destination.